The cheese e-shop web design mistakes

Here is a Dutch cheese internet shop. I think the main aim of any e-shop design is customer’s purchases. We have to put all parts of web site in right order to force them click on “Buy” button. Let’s have a look on this site.

First of all the site is too heavy and slow. This irritates me very much. The main page downloads for 4.5 sec. and has 1.6 Mb. For example, front page is 3 times bigger (4.5 Mb) but it uploads tree times faster (for 1.4 sec).

Here is a bad organized header. The logo is too small to recognize what is on it. In this case it is better to make it bigger or cancel it. The colors of header are too acid and it is not connected with cheese. There are too many details also. Header has to be changed with some big monocolour picture that will be readable and clear connected with Holland and cheese. The title has to be on header also: “GOUDA CHEESE SHOP - BUY CHEESE ONLINE!”. The top menu has ugly decoration. “Shopping basket” has to be not a link but a part of header with the list of selected items. Customers could control how many items they already added. It is stupid to make a different pages “Contact” and “Contact us”. They have to be united in one.

The header can be like this.

The menu below the header is very complicated. General customers are not very into cheeses and they need more simply menu. It has sense to make a step-by-step wizard “Choose your cheese” or something else. There is no discounts menu item here but people love discounts.

The “Customer service” has to be on the header with “Shopping basket” because they are very frequently used by customers and they have to be visible. Customers usually use the search to find goods. That’s why e-shops have to have developed search engine. If customers can choose cheeses type of milk (cow, sheep, and goat), year, weight and other features, it helps them to buy what they want. The pictures of cow and girl with many cheeses on the left and right are not readable and I don’t think they have to be there.

Small pictures are not readable. It is very simple to make them bigger or just skip them because the page looks like trash. The design has to be light.

The elements on each page are in right order. Customers are watching photo, then details, then price and finally the big green “Add to card” button.

“YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING PRODUCT(S)” contains small pictures and it is situated in the deep bottom of the page. I think this part has to be on the right column near the photo of goods because objects on the right and left columns come into customers peripheral vision.

The site has problems with readability. The ugly picture comes on the background in the left column. Orange texts come on orange background. The information has to be readable.

The slider is on the main page but it disappears on other pages. The slider is an inner advertisement. E-shop can notify customers about some items via the slider. Here are just pictures with no name or price on them.

Every complicated web site has to have a site map. It can help customers find what they are looking for. The site map is strange here. We cannot see any structure but just a list of links (5 pages) with huge empty orange space.

I am sure that site works but it needs some reconstruction and designer's care. The pictures have to be bigger and more beautiful. Customers will buy more if pictures are nice.

The cheese e-shop web design mistakes, 2014

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