How to complicate a pizzeria web site

Are you hungry? I am going to order pizza in London. I have chosen web site. It is in third line in google search and I like basilica.

The main customer's aim is to order pizza in online pizzeria. They are not going to explore the web site, hungry customers want to find proper pizza and order it (1. find – 2. order – 3. eat). It has to be simple and straight. The web site can have big logotype on the header in case the pizzeria is offline also. Visitors can accidentally recognize signboard logotype in the city and come in if the pizza was tasty.

The first page has a small messed logotype in the top left corner. The logo and motto are mixed together because there is no difference between their fonts and colors. The size is different but it is not enough. There is a big slider on the front page. It is good but the first picture has ugly high iso camera noise. It makes me upset and destroys good impression from this pizzeria from the first glance. The big “Order online” with cursor is cool. I would put here a call number. Some people like voice contact, some are not good with computers, some want to check something. The hot line is very important in online shopping.

The menu items are little bit smaller than they have to be. The “Branches“ item is about pizzerias network so it better to put it into “About us” item. The last three items are contact form so we can organize them into one “Contact” item because businessman, customers and workers will press "Contact" if they want to compose something. News are absolutely odd on pizzeria web site.

There are pizzeria addresses below the slider. I am not sure that they are in proper place and in proper design. The addresses are unmarked and unordered. If customers want to find out some pizzeria in some London district the web site have to put them on map with big marks. The map has to be linked with google maps to find the way to pizzeria. The map has to have a header “How to find us” or something.
The visual menu below is the most important part of the site. It has to be right under the slider or even instead the slider.

The page with pizzas is designed right. Nice pictures, featuring options, delivery information are very useful. There are vegetarian, no pork, vegan options in “ingredients selection”. We can skip this selection if these signs are visible on pictures. The green leaf means vegetarian, crossed pig – no pork etc.

Each pizza page has big photo. You can hardly understand that "Sicilian" is the name of the pizza. The header has to be big and bold. The pizza size option is not interactive. We cannot choose the size we want here. Ingredients are very important and have to be before the size part. We choose the pizza first and then the size. Here is no big “ORDER” button. So this page is not useful for ordering pizza.

I have to press “Order online” in right top corner to order the pizza. I have to enter my postcode on the next page. This is totally wrong. It can be okey for locals but it is very complicated for tourists. I have to go on google and figureout my postcode. The site has to give me simple way to order pizza without these geographical searches.

The site shows me nearest pizzeria on the next step. The “Delivery” button and “Collection” send me to the same page. This page is an excessive step. I don’t need it. I want my pizza.

The ordering page has no pictures. So I have to go to visual menu. I have to remember what pizza I want then come back an choose it. It is not user-friendly at all. When I look at this page I don’t feel like I am on pizzeria web site. It looks like Greenpeace or some agriculture company. The only good feature here is “Customize” link.

I have to login on the next step. Customers have to write their delivery addresses any way. I order pizza from many places and write the new address everytime. The registration on pizzeria web sites has no sense. It has sense in case of discount program, but I haven’t seen it on the site. If owners want to collect customers addresses they don’t need to write “Create your account” here. “Write your contact information” or “Pizza will be at your place soon” is much better. 
There are four steps to have my pizza - 1 Account, 2 Delivery, 3 Payment, 4 Confirmation. I am sure it needs only two. The first is for address, phone and payment. The second is for conformation.


This site has decoration and usability problems. The pizzeria web site developer has to think about four steps: 1) Customers are looking at the front page, notice logotype and finger liking good pictures. 2) They easily choose proper pizza and press “Order” button. 3) They type their address and phone 4) They eat pizza and become happy.

How to complicate a pizzeria web site, 2014

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