Hamburg web-design studios (part 2)

I am going to continue my inspection of Hamburg web design studios.
The web site of this studio is simply and minimalistic. They implement Dieter Rams’ rule: “Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible”. There are long vertical slider with studio projects, main menu and useless weather plugin in the right top.

Other pages have different design. We can see animated background on the page “About”.  Sometimes it becomes light and white menu disappears on it.

The text is not segregated and not ordered. Solid white text on dark background is not readable. We can see doubled menu to the left and unnecessary weather information.

 Contact information is not on all pages. It is on the bottom of the “About” page and after pictures of projects. Contact information has to be on each page on the top.
This studio is the most conceptual in this post I think. The idea is very simple – they just grouped pictures and information from each project in one pile. Onmouseover changes z-index of layers and shows users hidden objects. There is a feature of sliding photos when you click on left or right parts of photos. I think developers have to add tiny arrows to explain users what to do. I understood that I can slide pictures after my 10 minutes discovering the html code of this page. It is not good to have features that you cannot find easily.

The site is little bit in chaos and looks weird.

The “Contact” page has a map but without a mark that shows where the studio is situated.
Here is a slider on the first page. This page is nice but useless. I think it is a wrong way to make such landing page where you have to click on other link to go to something useful.

Developers use very nice javascripts and interactivity is high quality and wonderful. Colors are changing in random order and there are a flowing from one effect to another. It is cool.  Just have a look what they did with onmousover effect on this page:

There are no project details on their pages. It is not very useful information for customers but it is a care about users who want to know what year it was and what it was.

The “Contact” page has a nice map on it but it is not very useful again. I think web site has to give customers the map together with other contacts and an opportunity to sent request to studio directly from the contact page.

However, I like the style they did this site. It is brave design.

To be continued…

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