Design makes information readable

One of the main design goals is broadcasting information. Designer has to use some rules to make information readable. First of all, design has to be contrasting. Red text on blue background is not good because they have the same saturation. You can read it but it is hard. It is easy to check your layout if you convert it into grayscale. Colors with the same saturation became equal. It is better to use colors with different saturation: red and yellow, red and white etc. Don’t put under the text gradients and multicolor images. Decoration have to help people easily percept information instead of attraction. Good designer can use the same principle in other parts of his/her job. If you are choosing the font for main text you have to remember that handwriting fonts or gothic will be hard for that.

Kazakhstan is a rear stat that has cyan color on its flag. But it is not the excuse for this cyan link on a blue gradient.

White link with underline on striped dark and blue background is not good at all. But designer decided to make it worth – make hovered link orange.

This is what people do in Photoshop for the first time.

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