Hand-drawn web design in landing pages and other sites

It is not so easy to make web design human friendly. Flat design and other modern trends make web site robotic. All these straight lines, uniform colors, glamour photos are not natural and they makes people feel uncomfortable like in hospital. Austrian artist and architect Hundertwasser called straight lines "godless and immoral" and "something cowardly drawn with a rule, without thought or feeling". There is one solution to make web sites human friendly – use hand-drawing design, which lively lines look far more natural. This way of web exposure became the latest trend. Let’s look through some of them.

This is an e-shop of hipsters’ dresses. Whole site is drawn by pencils.

On other hand some sites seem to be too weird to use it in, for example, commerce.

It is cool for teenager customers. They like weird and aggressive design. Like this web site concept by Sindy Ethel  and Alan (R3DO) Rodriguez.

Designers have to keep balance between creativity and information readability. Like this one does.

Here we can see use of drawing in decorative case.  There is enough space for information perception.

Some designers use art a little bit. They combine drawings with photos.

Some of them combine drawings with geometry.

Hand-drawing design is popular in food business. I think it is great influence of chalk lettering menu design.

Also it is popular in family web sites because drawings are very sweet.

Some cultures are very into drawings. We meet hand-made illustration on Japanese and Korean web-sites often. They are more complicated and detailed.

We can see that hand-drawn web sites are very catchy and human friendly. Why aren’t they so popular in modern design? Probably, because hand-drawn web sites are much more expensive in production. But there is a way out - there are many skilled artists in developing countries and they can do the same job twice or trhee times cheaper than in USA or western europe. Like this artist from Ukraine: https://www.behance.net/mykytiuk
You just need to find them and cooperate.

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