Use cases and offers: How do mobile operators' front-pages look like?

Usually users have to know - what is site they just have arrived about. There are some images of things that are connected with site business - pizza on pizzeria site, or toys on children online shop. 
This rule didn't work with mobile network operators' (MNO) web-sites, because their identity is already wide known from TV ads or bildboards. It is enough to make up logotype and colours there for users to identify the company. This knowledge make MNO's websites kind of online bildboard with many offers. There are another use cases that are minor. Lets look through some of them.

"O2" web site put cat on the front page. I am realy impressed with it. The offers are mostly connected with kind of cellphone shop. So users come to buy cellphones here. This is major use case.

Vodaphone sells cellphones also.

Ortel mobile makes his front page multifunctional. The major attention is atracted to action "5 Euro bonus credit". There are another important links underneath (Trariffs, Advantages, Security).

This one has no distinct identity. The main offer is "Join us because it is profitably in rouming". Users need more motivation to join.

Singapore mobile operator Singtel makes business on toys of Hello Kitty. Asian users use to have such toys on the cellphone.

Singtel has geometric unusual menu by the way.

This is agressive advertisement of Russian MTC. I am not sure what do they offer but users are scary anyway.

Ukrainian mobile network operator Kyivstar uses its identity very cool. The main offer is action "Freedom smartfone". There are another links to other use cases below (Balance recharge, SMS, Phone setting).

This company makes the front page as landing page. Users want simply tariffs and here they are.

Life:) MNO uses its sweet characters. This one calls "Watch mobile TV"!

So, as you can see, there are many use cases and meny different way to communicate with users in this business. You don't have to choose only one, It is better to combine them.

Use cases and offers: How do mobile operators' front-pages look like?, 2015

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