How to make good promo site

If you have developed nice online system you have to have nice promo site also. Users need the first page to enter the system. It is a web page where you have to give some kind of good impression for your existed and future customers. You don’t need something extraordinary with plenty of information. It has to be simple. Web designers usually put there big photos of happy people, motto and registration/login form. Social networks are good systems to explore this kind of promo pages.

Let’s have a look at the biggest social network – facebook. They have 1.28 billion monthly active users and no competitors behind so they don’t care about what users and future customers think about their first page. Here is ugly advertisement of their mobile application. Does it have some sense? Every mobile device already has this application so this is stupid to promote it here. Another question is “why do I see this ads if I have entered facebook from a laptop?” It is very easy to detect what device and browser I came from. Еhe promo-site has to be flexible. If I came from laptop browser – I don’t need now this application. If I came from mobile browser – maybe I have not got it so I need this advertisement.
The quality of mobile icon here is very low. It is like a product of some kid who created the icon after several Corel Draw online lessons. The facebook lose its fame when they use graphic like this.
The promo site uses only a part of the browser’s space. The advertisement fills half of the screen and another half under it is empty. But the language selection is on the second screen deep in the bottom of the page. Users used to see it on the top.
Here is a registration form to the right. I have no statistic but I am pretty sure that 98% of users fill login form and they don’t need this big registration one. It is wrong decision to make promo site for 2% of future customers. The registration form has to be hidden under some button or link “Register now”.

Russian analogue of facebook copied its problems. It has mobile application advertisement in the center. The login and registration form are combined together. It is clever because existed users and future customers fill the same inputs and just choose what button you click. This form has unusual position so developers doubled “sign up” link in right top. The logo have no name because “Vkontakte” means nothing for English speakers. So the cut it to easy-to-remember abbreviation - VK.

Google Plus has no promo site at all. You just come directly to login form. Maybe it is one of the reason why do they are so unpopular. The language selection is in the right bottom. Users can hardly find it if they need.

Twitter has right elements order on its promo site. Big welcome and explanation is on the left part of the central column. The login/registration form is on the right. The language selection is on the right top. The twitter’s logo icon is too small and lonely on the top right. This is bad way of branding. Search form is too light and unaligned. But the worst part of this site is a background. What is this? After some discovering you can recognize a festival stage photo there. The picture looks like trash and it give bad first impression.

The logo of LinkedIn is in the right place and has right size. Here are the login form and the strict motto on the top. LinkedIn is not so popular like facebook (just 300 million users) and they expect many new so the registration form can be in the right part. The image of profile pictures is very strange here because it give very strange feeling (Another social network! Why do I have to have one more?). Nice feature “Find a colleague” is in the bottom of the page. It is wrong place because users hardly find it. I would put it instead the registration form.

Russian social network Odnoklassniki combines very nice background collage that shows gallery features in the system. Here is also very cool “Sign up” button that opens registration form in other page. I would do it without a page reload via JavaScript. The site has order problems: the motto has to be in the center to the left; the language selection in the top right; the logo is missed on the collage. There are links to other products of the main owners company in left top. It takes place of logotype so I would push it to the right.

Xing promo site has very nice photo on the background. Happy people are little bit trivially but it works. The site points users’ attention on register form. The owners wishes are clear – make more accounts, click the button. It makes this page very similar to landing page.

How to make good promo site, 2014

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