Paging, navigation and pagination in web design

You have to think about the paging in web design. It can be paging by screens in adaptive design, it can be traditional 1, 2, 3 pagination or there would be no paging at all. Anyway, you have to think about it on each web project. Let us see, how pagination has been organized on popular web sites.

The paging in facebook is realized via AJAX and it is downloading when you scroll page down. It is good for social network because users stick into reading without end. Other social networks (,, and biggest portal use this solution also. uses mixed type of paging. Messages page has other navigation (previous-next) than main friends Records one (AJAX download).

Google has traditional paging. Each page has its number and users can click it and go there. The reason of this old-school solution can be in shape of logotype and page numbers just accord with “oooooo” letters. However, I think the main reason of it is habit of users. When you are looking for the site that is not very popular - users jump through some quantity of pages. decided to make only “newer posts” and “older posts” navigation. This really suck if I want to find some post in the beginning. I have to go through all pages to find it. blog network main page is bottomless as any other social network. Users can choose many templates for their blogs. Some of them have navigation only in the top of the page. Therefore, if I have scrolled posts until the end I cannot go to the next page without returning to the top.

As I have told before Gmail has also mistake in pages navigation position. It has to be in the bottom after all the letters. If users want to go to some definite page in the beginning, designer can give them opportunity to do it and double navigation.

Doubled pages navigation is realized in It is in the top and in the bottom of each page.

Russian has strange paging. It has big “more” button that open next messages. It also has paging by month. I am hope they have tested this paging before, but I think this is wrong way of pagination. Users usualy can't remember the date of their income letters. But they can figure out how many pages before they can find wanted letters.

Facebook uses navigation by years on a personal page also.

The pagination depends of users’ behavior. If web site want them to spend more time reading – they use automatic AJAX downloading of the next items (articles, posts etc.) If users know the page of the item they search (post, letter etc.) – it is better to use classic pagination with numbers. “Next” and “Previous” pagination is useful for readers of the blog but not for the owner when he/she try to find his old post. Some pagination solution is uncomfortable when they are put in wrong place (top, right).

Paging, navigation and pagination in web design, 2014

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