Hamburg' web-design studios sites analysis

Many web-designers prefer work hard than write articles. They have many successful and unsuccessful ideas but never share these in public. Many designers work alone in different studios all around the world. Sometimes their art-directors can force them to show interesting projects on some festival or inspiration site. But mostly layouts are not shown for colleagues. Customer’s web-sites are in permanent motion and brilliant ideas can disappear in time. We are losing many beautiful designs everyday.

The casual projects may be not so brilliant, but personal sites of design-studio have to be brilliant any way. I hope the best ideas are integrated in these promo-pages. Let’s try to analyse them. I choose some sites from the google first page list on search request “Hamburg web-design studio”.

This is a landing page from google commercial. The site has a lot of free white space that makes it light and aery. Navigation is fixed to the browser and we can scroll page with it. Contact form is in the end of the landing page and it is also very good and it is common for landing pages.

The information is divided and organized with icons. Designers used modern hexagon shape for these signs. But they are not good. The icons are too much colored. The visualization of "Design" ( images of the paintbrush and palette) is babyish style and not serious. Just have a look how did they show “Webdesign eCommerce” (carton package) and “Corporate Webdesign” (multistory building).

I really didn’t care about quality of texts here but when I wanted to find portfolio of this studio – I couldn’t find it. So I started to read. There are phrases like “Every brand is unique” but there are no pictures to support this text. I think this landing page won’t sell me service because I couldn’t see how their previous works look like.

This is another site from google commercial. I was little bit baffled because it has so many design mistakes. Big slider with portfolio in the top is a good idea but the pictures are too small and unclickable. So “showing studio’s works” mission is not reached. The real portfolio is hidden under “REFERENZEN” link. By the way the site has no “English version” and it is little bit silly pay Google for commercial and throw away foreign customers.
Some parts of the site are not readable. Gray text and menu on gray background is very bad way to give readers information. The social network buttons are too small and they don’t arouse my desire to press them.

There is a feature that gives you an opportunity to change the style of this web-site. The feature is not highlighted and users won’t press it.

This site is well organized and contains many modern technical features as 3d background effects during the page scrolling, adaptive design etc.

The site is quite big and you see loading process first to avoid improper view until all pictures will be downloaded.

They have big nice portfolio. Every picture is clickable. Users can open another slider with screenshots and some information about project. You suppose you can slide it with finger on mobile phone also. But didn't work on Android, I have checked it. The exit from presentation mode is complicated - you have to find "close" link. The windows like this have to be closed with "Esc" button.

There are some infographics in the bottom of the page. I think they put it here to show they can draw it. I am sure it is better to put contact form at the end of the page.

And I found one more mistake – the site has no favicon.

That is enough for one day. to be continued...

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