Hexagon-shape trend in web design

Today I am going to tell you about hexagon-shape trend in web design. Its first intention was to develope sites’ decoration. There was no possibility to make rhomb or circle with HTML or CSS. So web-pages were decorated by rectangles and horizontal lines mostly. From the other side we have very developed graphic design of printed media. Web-design was always late because technology of HTML wasn’t as flexible as vector graphic. Developers tried to solve it with FLASH technology but it was too heavy and used a lot of computer memory.

Other way to solve rectangle-style problem was using prepared pictures. Designers made wanted shape in Photoshop and pull it into HTML. You can check it on many web-sites, for example: http://www.paseodegracia.com/en/

Here is a big slider prepared in vector graphics editor.

Later CSS technology was developed and now we have opportunity to rotate div objects. Rotation of two rectangles on the same position with the same background gives us a hexagon shape at the end. This is good way but too complicated I think.

Sometimes we have to use prepared images because wanted shape of the hexagon is little bit deformed (here: rounded corners). There is no way to do them in CSS. http://gorohov.name/

HTML5 is going to fix many problems we have in web. Vector elements are one of its most important features. We can build vector hexagons now but still it is connected with coding. Check up these vector hexagons: http://webey.eu/

The hexagon-shape decoration doesn’t go alone. It can go with other geometric shapes – like circles on this site: http://builtbybuffalo.com/

The geometrical style is still new and exciting in web-site decoration. This trend became popular some years ago and is slowly fading down now. Web design is waiting for simply WYSIWYG HTML-CSS-vector editor that will be easy in use as Illustrator or Corel Draw. It will change internet media decoration very much in future.

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