Design likes variations

Designer’s vision is always very subjective. He is much better in web design than his customers. 50% of them would approve anything that is made right without mistakes because they believe designer as a specialist. On the other hand they would reject anything without explanations in 50% because layout is not proper to their aesthetical conceptions. Both decisions are bad for the designer. He doesn’t get any development in the first case and doesn’t get money in the second one. The only protection from creative stagnation and finance lack are variations. The more we do the better we are. Designer can understand what one is better in process of looking on some variants. So he can control the quality of his job by himself. Customer tends to choose some when he has variations. Don’t be upset if customer chooses the worst one. A clever designer puts good variation into his portfolio and will use these ideas in next projects.

We have to choose web site style.

Even if the style is chosen we need to put all the elements (logo, menu etc) in some place and get colours and textures

We can put elements in many ways on the page. But only comparing of variations can make your design better.

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