Design is founded on previous experience

The art for many years uses the same ideas as the engineering also does. The most of customers’ wishes are the same in whole the world. Thousands of designers were executing the equal tasks as we are doing. It would be stupid to ignore their experiences. If customers need a transport with two wheels that has to move with human legs, we can run to reinvent a bicycle. Or we can take a already existed concept of bike and make our efforts to improve it. At least we can take some parts or ideas and develop them. If your task is to make a blog’s design – just look through best examples of them and take ideas. This way saves a lot of time. The efforts that designer would make to reinvent design, better use to improve existed one. May be he will find a new solution and next generation designers would use it in their projects.

This is an effective way to arrange menu.

If we need to introduce a hamburger on web page we can take the idea from other internet shops.

Or you can try something new

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