Design uses customers stereotypes

Designer has to reject quasi-scientific knowledge about the secret meaning of decoration elements such as colors or shapes. You can construct a web site using Feng Shui principles. But it has sense in case when customers are in this Chinese culture code. Some people think that colors have some meanings. Black means death, white – life, red – aggression etc. These are only stereotypes that depend on the country you live in. I can broadcast sadness, love and happiness using black because color is just an instrument. Some designers say that serif fonts are better for users to read, others say it about sans-serif fonts. It is better to use your own sense of the beautiful. Stereotype is not the archetype. This is the knowledge people accept during their life. Most of them are wrong but sometimes they are our only way to communicate with taret group. Otherwise you don’t have to make a conflict with your employer. If he believes in Feng Shui – don’t make any sharp shapes in web site.

If you are working with president’s web site concept you have to choose serious and official colors. What will you choose?

The easiest way is dragging colors from the flag. For locals these colors are official. So if your employer is the president of Ukraine – the color will be blue.

If your employer is the president of Belarus – the color will be green. Check out this web site! It looks like 10 years old.

If your employer is the president of Turkey – the color will be red.

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