Design has its goal

It is very important to understand the goals of future website design. The purpose can be useful – for example “logout” button ought to be clearly visible. Or it can be esthetical for better connection with culture code of auditory. For example car body design has nothing close with engine characteristic. But we feel that heavy design can be marker for strong vehicle and streamlined shape tells us that car is very speedy. Constructing serious website you have to try heavy design. If your goal is to attract attention, the website has to have decoration that will shock users. There are no celebrities on ads luxury watches any more because people remember not the brand of watches but celebrities. It is very important to detect your auditory and choose the goals of the site.

If you have creative agency you have to have creative design of the web site.
 If you are connected with design and typography -you have to demonstrate it in your decor.

If you have social network – don’t use any creative in design, because your users have very different tastes. Design of social networks is totally traditional and usual.

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