Design has no rules

There are no rules for web design. We have only some theoretical advices how to make layout better for people majority’s perception. Design is in the middle between art and engineering. On the one hand it consists of rules to improve perception of information in traditional way. It can make web site decoration acceptable with 95% of people. On the other hand it is creative job. Design has to amaze users with non-ordinary original decoration. Unusual solutions can make the web site more interesting and attractive. Rules of design sound like rules of sex – for the first time it can help, but later it makes the process boring.

The Roland Olbeter's web site of artist   is realy strange and unusual. The weird decoration can show readers that  Roland is also unusual and weird.

This Jeremy Levine Design site has beautiful creative solution of projects navigation but noting more. It is not easy to use at all.

This is nice nonsymmetrical design of German illustrator Matthias Dittrich. I always liked German design. It is so minimalistic.

This is trash design style of 4duk radio station web site. It attracts but it is absolutely against rules.

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