Design puts information in order

Good design makes information acceptable for people. The difference between text on sheet of paper and designed text is in perception quickness of the last one. Designer controls the readers’ attention with boldness, colors, placements, font sizes etc. We have to divide information into groups and detect more and less important of them to put in right order. For example, all the contacts on the web page have to be in one group, one style and one place, image caption in the article has to be in the same group nearby its picture etc. Complicated design makes readers tired. We have to predict how users would perceive information and send them in the shortest way.

 The main header has to be remarkable on the web site like on  

Here are two mistakes: the header is in the wrong place (it has to be on the top), and it is almost the same size with other information.

Social buttons have to be under the article because readers want to share or like it after reading.

 Good example of structuring information on the web-site of Irish army. There are different submenus on each category.

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