Parallax scrolling effect

Do you know something about parallax? It is an optical effect when objects that are closer moved more quickly  than objects behind them. This effect is well known in astronomy but now it becames a trend in web-design.

In 2011 Ian Coyle from advertisement company "Wieden+Kennedy" developed a website for Nike - "Nike Better World". He used this optical effect in webdesign in very impressive way.

The website disappeared already so we can watch a video of it.

This technology became possible after HTML5 implementation. Web designers could move elements with JavaScript. It became the end of flash animation in web design.

Motion of elements in different direction is a popular trick that makes website more dynamic.

Slow motion of background makes distinct 3D effect.

An object might be fixed during background motion. Users feel like they move with it together.

Parallax scrolling makes the image impressively deep.

Webdesigners add some blurred elements on the fore layer to make image even more deep.

Some websites use additional scrolling navigation. Like on this website in the right side.

The parallax effect together with other motion are widely used by artists and design studious to attract more attention.

JavaScript and HTML5 make remarkable changes in web-design but the development of such websites is very long and difficult.

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